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unspecified-3You can't be a fitness fanatic in 2016 and not recognize Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, founders of Tone It Up. This dynamic duo has made a major splash into the wellness scene with their approachable fitness videos, butt-lifting bikini workouts and infectious positivity. Most recently, their ventures have extended beyond the screen--to an activewear line with Bandier and perfect fit protein. Keep reading to find out more about how these two met, start their mornings and what's to come! Tell us about your background--how did you two meet? Karena: We first met at the gym! Katrina: Yeah, I literally approached her by telling her how amazing her arms were! How did you both get into fitness in the first place? Karena: My dad first got me into fitness. We used to do Triathlons together when I was young. Katrina: I studied fitness and health in school so it had always been an interest of mine. How did Tone it Up come to be? Katrina: We started out by posting videos of us working out together, that people could follow along with. We never expected Tone It Up to become what it has! Tell us about the Bikini Series! What can we expect and what are the results! Karena: Also, for Nutrition Plan Members, we pair the workouts with a meal by meal guide for the entire 8 weeks! Tacos, pancakes, waffles, ice cream and wraps... all included in the plan! Katrina: The Bikini Series is our 8 week Challenge to get bikini ready!! We tell you exactly what workouts to do everyday. Plus, there are thousands of women who are part of the #TIUTeam who are 100% behind you the entire time too! What does a typical day look like for both of you? Karena: First thing, I wake up and drink a big glass of water, meditate, drink some coffee and head over to yoga! Then I'll meet up with Katrina and walk to the TIU HQ. Katrina: I always start my day by scrolling through the #TIUteam hashtag on Instagram! Then I'll walk with my husband to grab some coffee and make a Perfect Fit smoothie or pancake. Then of course meet up with Karena to walk to work! What about your weekly workout schedule? Karena: I love yoga and going on walks with Skunk and Bobby (my dogs)! Katrina: I like to switch it up! Yoga, running, cycling, HIIT... I love it all! Go to snacks? Karena: Fresh pressed green juice. Katrina: Lemon Blueberry Perfect Fit Bites! Biggest vice(s)? Katrina: Red wine and dark chocolate. Karena: Hot chicken wings! How do you both keep your look pulled together while running to different workouts/activities? Karena: It's always useful to keep your makeup bag on you so you can quickly before running to the next thing! Katrina-: Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend! What are your favorite place to shop for activewear? Karena: BANDIER. Their focus on quality and style is amazing. Katrina: BANDIER. We love the brands they carry and their vibe! Tell us about the collaboration with Bandier--we love everything! Katrina: Our new line was inspired by the ocean waves! Everything we do is inspired by the beach so we wanted to reflect that in our new line. My personal favorite item is the Weekender Hoodie! It's a great item to transition from the gym to grabbing coffee with your girls! Karena: My favorite item is the High Tide Reversible Crop. It has the fun blue print on one side and sleek black on the other! The perfect item for if you're trying to get the most out of your clothes! Advice you’d give to other women looking to open their own businesses? Karena: It really helped to have my best friend be my business partner as well. It can be scary starting your own business but if you have someone you care about who can be by your side throughout it all, it really helps! Who inspires you in the health and fitness space/in general? Katrina: The entire community! Seeing everyones checkins everyday inspires us to be better and do better. What is next for you and Tone it Up! Karena: We're excited about expanding our Perfect Fit Protein offering, apparel lines and beauty products! What does health beauty fitness mean to you? Katrina: When you're healthy and exercising, everything else magically falls into place. When you take the time to focus on yourself and eat that healthy food and do those amazing workouts, you feel beautiful, confident and happy! Quick Fire: Sweet or Savory? Karena- Savory Katrina- Sweet East Coast or West Coast? Katrina- West Karena- West Lips or Eyes? Katrina- Lips Karena- Eyes Sparkling or Still Water? Katrina- Sparkling Karena- Sparkling Smoothie or Juice? Katrina- Smoothie Karena- Juice Yoga or Pilates? Katrina- Yoga Karena- Yoga Coffee or Tea? Katrina- Coffee Karena- Coffee Intro & Q+A: Ava Donaldson
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