Hold up! It's time we all take a step back from the mirror and change the way we look at our reflection. Most of us are busy criticizing our bodies for all of the things we dislike, leaving very little room for appreciation and gratitude for what our miraculous bodies allow us to do. Here are just a few reasons why you should be thankful for your body, whether it fits the media's idea of perfect or not.

Your Imperfections Make You Unique

Perhaps that scar on your eyebrow drives you mad because it's so hard to hide. Maybe that dark birthmark embarrasses you every time you're forced to put on a bikini. But when all is said and done, your scars carry valuable memories with them and your "imperfections" make you truly unique. Be grateful for them all!

You're Alive and Kicking

Your heart beats without you having to give it a single thought, naturally pumping blood through your system and keeping you alive and warm. Your lungs expand and contract, taking around 23,000 breaths of air each day. Your digestive organs allow you to absorb the nutrients from your food and other organs keep your body free of toxins. We often take our everyday health for granted, so take a moment to be thankful for it.

You Can Go Wherever You Need To

Gratitude for our own innate mobility rarely sets in unless it's taken away from us. Countless stories document the sudden appreciation for life that comes when an accident or condition limits someone's mobility. It's time to appreciate your legs, your wheels or whatever else it may be that lets you go where you want to go.

You Can Write Novels, Lift Your Child, Hug Your Parents

Imagine what life would be like without your arms. You flex them in the mirror, and while you might wish they were more toned already, you probably forget to be grateful for all of the opportunities they allow you in your life. You can lift your child, write in your journal and hug your loved ones. And those are all pretty amazing things.

You're More Beautiful Than You Think

Experts remind us that we are actually a lot prettier than the woman we see in the mirror every day because there's so much more to beauty than just physical appearance. Dr. Eva Ritvo says, “You are 20 percent more beautiful to other people than to the woman you see in the mirror every day. Why? Because when you look at your reflection, all you see is your physical form. You’re looking for flaws.” Stop the negative thoughts and appreciate all the things you love about yourself beyond the mirror.

As it turns out, you have a lot of reasons to love your body. Maybe even more than ones to complain about? We think so! Treat your body like a temple, because, well, it is one.

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