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We find that most of our experiences with yoga are similar: the progressions are slow and we often don’t get our heart rate high enough to work up a full sweat. Don’t get us wrong--we love to zen-out for an hour or so and always find our time spent in warrior and happy baby to be therapeutic. However, we still hoped that there was an amped-up yoga practice that felt more like a full-fledged workout. Enter, Lyon’s Den Power Yoga (LDPY) in TriBeCa, which seriously answered our yogi prayers. Founder Bethany Lyons created a studio that operates off of the Baptiste method, a practice that seeks to “empower you with the focus, training and insight you need to achieve consistent results” through “potent physical yoga practice.” Each class is fashioned accordingly, designed to build strength, balance and flexibility with a flow that naturally progresses from one pose to the next. We wanted to recreate a fully-body yoga stretch with a little more edge, so we asked Bethany to give us a 5 move progression for HBFit:

  1. Start at the back of your mat. From a squat position on your toes, bring your hands down in front of you about a foot away. Position your knees toward your armpits and rest your shins on your triceps with the hips high in the air. Set the eyes forward and then tip your weight forward and pull up from the pit of your belly to lift the feet off the floor. CROW POSE!
  2. From Crow Pose, slowly tip your upper body forward until your head comes to the floor to transition to a tripod. Make sure the crown of the head is where the weight is transferred, keep the elbows shoulder width distance and then slowly raise the legs from the back of the arms up in the air straight up and down with the feet active. TRIPOD HEADSTAND!
  3. From Tripod Headstand, bend the knees at a 90 degree angle keeping the hips stacked over the shoulders. With your feet flexed, trust yourself and let your feet fall toward the floor away from your hands, letting the spine bend into a backbend. As soon as your feet hit the floor, press your hands into the mat and lift the hips up into a full backbend. WHEEL POSE!
  4. From Wheel Pose come up onto the toes and begin to walk the hands toward the feet into a deeper band and moving towards taking your knees to the floor. As your knees come to the mat, catch your heels with your hands pulling slightly forward, lifting your heart toward the ceiling and keep your head dropped back. CAMEL POSE!
  5. Finally, lift the upper body up and bring your hands to heart center to close this fun and funky arm balance to inversion to back-bending sequence. Give yourself a moment to acknowledge your courage and the leaps of faith you just took. (Take 5 deep breaths.)
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