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New York’s fitness scene is full of hustlers--instructors that work at multiple studios across the city. Few people are able to cross over disciplines however--staying in their lane of HIIT, pilates or yoga. Enter, Dyan Tsiumis who holds the position of master trainer at two totally different style studios: SWERVE Studio and Fhitting Room. Whether it be spinning or circuit training, Dyan brings an infectiously can-do attitude to her workouts--which has made her one of our favorites. Dyan truly embodies the HBFit woman as she believes “we need to be balanced in all aspects of life; relationships, work, sleep, food, exercise, spirituality. When we are satiated in all of these areas, life is full and with that comes a sense of peace. This peace is what I feel leads to beauty. You can get made up, wear the hottest new clothes, but if something else is lacking it will shine through. Being a whole being, living with passion and purpose...well, that's FIERCE and beautiful.” Find Dyan’s power moves (which you can do at home or on the beach) below:

Mountain climber: Start in a high plank position with core engaged. Drive knees one at a time in between your arms.

Downdog split: Start in a downward facing dog and shift into to high plank

Air squat: Drop your hips below parallel (with your weight in your heels) and come back to stand.

Split squat: Start in a standing position. Step back with one foot, 90 degree angle with both knees, front knee over front heel. Working the front hamstring/glutes and core as you stand balancing on one foot.

Plank Shoulder taps: Hold high plank position with feet in a wider than shoulder position. Shift your weight onto one hand tapping the opposite shoulder keeping your hips parallel to the floor.

Star Jumps: Start in a squat jumping into a "star" position with arms and legs spread. CELEBRATE!

Curtsy lunges: Start in a standing position and step back with alternating feet. (Position your feet as if they are facing 12 on the clock, your right foot steps back to "7 o'clock" and your right foot steps to "4 o'clock" while keeping your hips facing square to the front.)

Spiderman push ups: As you lower from a high plank position driving your right knee to your right elbow. Come back to the high plank replacing the right foot and doing the same on the left side.

Tricep push ups: Starting in high plank with hands directly under the shoulders, lower down to the ground keeping the upper arms by the side of the body (elbows pointing back) and press back up to high plank.

Do 10 reps of each move. Repeat entire circuit 3 times.

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