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IMG_1058 copy By the end of the week, it’s tough to find motivation to workout. Waking up in a comfy bed with the air conditioning is blasting to perfection certainly makes it tough to get up--even for me! It’s these kinds of mornings that force you to look beyond your mental strength to get through your workout. Since I don’t drink coffee and energy drinks are often loaded with refined sugar--I am always on the hunt for a workout beverage that revs me up for my sweat sesh. That’s why I was so excited when Propel approached me about their new Electrolyte Water! Not only does it have 0 calories--but because it is an enhanced beverage, it offer vitamin B, antioxidants and of course--performance-enhancing electrolytes! Plus there’s 9 flavors to choose from so you can always switch it up. IMG_1055 For those of you that don’t know about electrolytes--check this out--because they’re a major workout key! Electrolytes are minerals that support nerve and muscle function while regulating body fluids. Because sodium is the main electrolyte lost when you sweat, consuming them during your workout not only properly hydrates your body, making it prime for performance--but it also allows you to get the most of your time! So whether you are addicted to spin, pilates, boxing or yoga--Propel’s Electrolyte Water might be the key to having your best workout yet! I can definitely tell you that it will be a staple in my workout bag this summer! Sponsored by Propel Water in collaboration with their Made to Move Campaign.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece