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Our girl Ally Love is always serving us major inspiration--from her relentless positivity to her enviable hair to her toned physique, the girl can do no wrong! We met Ally through adidas and found out that there's pretty much nothing she can't do. She is a certified Health Coach, model, dancer and the founder of A Love Squad. We knew we needed all of her multi-talented secrets, so we asked her to contribute to HBFIT. For her first post, she reveals her top 5 favorite moves for those killer abs! All you need to get started is ten minutes (tops) and 2 small towels! JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER_133594-e1458004325819 8 Elbow Planks Push Outs: Start in a forearm plank with towels under your elbows.Once you’re in position hold the plank for a few seconds then slowly move your elbows out about 6 inches in front of you and slowly pull them back under your shoulders – using the towels as gliders. Be sure to keep your chest in line with your hips and stabilize your core. 20 second Plank Mountain Skiers: Place the towels under your feet. Get into an arm plank. Keep your back in line with your shoulder as you bend one knee toward your chest then alternate legs. 5 Pikes: From your plank, pull your hips towards the ceiling keeping your knees straight. This move varies in flexibility however it doesn’t matter how far you can pull your hips up because we are moving for our abs. Keep navel to spine and slowly return your hips in line with your shoulders and ankles. 5 Pushup Pikes: Add a push up in your plank and followed by piking. 5 Abductor Push-up Pikes: As you move into your push up your legs separate into a V shape. Once you pull up into your plank your feet simultaneously come together to complete your original pike movement. Workout and Images, care of A Love Squad.
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece