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Spinning or Squats — What's Better for Your Butt?

Young People - group of women and men - doing sport Spinning in the gym for fitness Not all exercises are created equal. But some exercises are classics for a reason — they're the kind that you can pick up quickly, integrate into other workouts, perform at your own pace, and see results from after only a few sessions at the gym. For fitness girls, active enthusiasts, and gym beginners alike, that includes squats and spinning. They’re well-known for their booty-lifting powers. Squats are simple but highly effective calves workouts and butt toners, the kind of exercises you can integrate into your fitness plan and do pretty much anywhere. Wherever there’s some wiggle room for your caboose, you can feel the benefits of squatting; squats are ideal exercises for girls on the go. On the other hand, fitness junkies who want to get all the gains of a more intense workout and can commit to an hour at the gym, spinning is ideal. The benefits of spinning extend beyond your butt. In terms of a full-body workout, spinning resembles the benefits of jumping rope. Spinning is a great calf workout, because it uses large muscle groups in your legs. If you're hoping to build muscle tone and get your legs in shape, spinning is one of the best ways to do it, while also lowering overall body fat percentage. In that spirit, a lot of spinning classes have integrated exercises that work other muscle groups, including using weights and resistance bands, to help tone up your arms and shoulders, and even get bigger biceps. And these exercises are all done while still pedalling. If it sounds intense, that’s because it is. Spinning enthusiasts like our WCW, Emily DiDonato, swear by that same intensity — if you're in the market for a truly serious workout, then spinning is for you. Her fave spinning spot is Manhattan’s SoulCycle, a studio committed to giving you everything you need to burn calories to lose weight. Spinning isn't just a booty-booster; it’s all about HIIT cardio (high intensity interval training), and that’s why it’s often on the agenda for gym-goers who want to work up a serious sweat with full body exercises. But as far as targeted exercises go, squatting has direct benefits for those calf, leg, and butt muscles that you need to stretch, flex, and tone to tighten and strengthen up your booty. Squats fit into pretty much any of the best workout routines. Learning how to do a squat is probably the best route to achieving your best butt. Though squats are designed to really work out your glutes and calves, using weights with squats can enhance those butt-toning powers while adding in some low-intensity strength training for your upper body. Proper squat form starts with feet shoulder-width apart and arms stretched out parallel to the floor. Next, you'll want to lower yourself as though you're sitting down, and tense up your butt muscles all throughout squatting. Slowly rise back up by straightening your legs and back, making sure that your knees are always behind the tips of your toes. The more practice, the better your muscle memory for this exercise will be. Deciding which exercise works best for you is ultimately a question of the kind of workout you want. If your workout routine primarily features reps and movements, then the convenience and flexibility of squatting as a targeted leg and but exercise is going to be a big point in its favor. But if you're a fan of high-intensity workouts and have weight loss on your mind, then checking out a spinning class is ideal.
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