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Studio Spotlight: Mile High Run Club

To be honest, before we stepped foot in Mile High Run Club, we never considered ourselves "runners," but as soon as we stepped into the studio for the first time and hopped on the treadmill, we were blown away by how much fun we had in class. Mile High Run Club is the first boutique studio dedicated to the sport of running, and they offer both indoor and outdoor training. The studio's cool lighting that changes in sync with the bangin' playlists makes you feel faster and stronger than ever, and the hands-on trainers coach you through every interval. We got to interview founder Debora Warner to get all of the sweaty deets on this running high and we couldn't be more stoked to have Mile High Run Club as our December Studio Spotlight! Mile High is also offering HBFIT readers 20% off a single class, 5 pack, or 10 pack with code HBFIT. You guys have got to check it out this month. See you on the treadmill!
What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated to take a class? Or to someone who claims they’re “not a runner?"

Mile High interval classes are designed for all fitness levels and not just for runners. So many of our loyalists are not runners. There's no pressure to run the entire time or keep up with anyone. Our coaches encourage new runners to walk as much as they need to, especially during the recovery.

You offer three types of classes. Can you explain the difference between them and what to expect in each class?

The three classes we offer at Mile High are a foundation building class called the DASH 28, which incorporates strength + power training with kettlebells, a 45-minute running only class called HIGH 45, and a 60-minute advanced class called THE DISTANCE where we cover between 5 and 7 miles. All classes include a variety of speed and hill intervals with mileage ranging from 2 to 7 miles or more! Tip for beginners: shorter classes like the DASH 28 have shorter intervals.


How does Mile High’s vibe as a studio differ from other studio cultures?
Mile High is not just a high-intensity sweat session. We help our clients become better runners whether they run with us or run solo. 95% of our marathoners who trained with us this summer said they felt their running had improved. All studios tout strong communities, but we are different in that we are an extension of the incredible running community that already exists. We have a racing team for any kind of runner, and we also provide one-on-one coaching for those who really want to take it to the next level. And if you just want to sweat and burn calories, well running offers the highest caloric burn of any form of cardio.

What running shoes would you recommend for people struggling to find the right fit with enough support?

I recommend visiting a store that has a knowledgable staff of experienced runners who can asses what your specific needs are, plus a treadmill where you can run in the shoes out before you buy them. Runner's World publishes detailed reviews on all the new models twice a year as well. It's a great resource if you really don't know where to start.


This month at HBFIT is all about reflection. As we reflect on the past year and set our goals for 2017, what’s one thing you think people should keep in mind?

I think it's important to keep in mind that it's ok to not have a goal. Runners tend to be intensely focused on race and/or mileage goals. We live in a culture of "betterment." Corporations measure growth like it's the entire reason to exist. Don't get me wrong, I've been a big fan of goals my entire career as an amateur athlete and business owner, but the process can be equally as rewarding as the achievement of a goal if you simply just embrace the activity for what it is today.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about Mile High?

I wish people knew we are the absolute best place for new, or non-runners to take that first step! Check out Mile High Run Club's fave jams right now too:
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