Lately, we can't get enough of modelFIT's cardio sculpt class. Maybe it's because it feels like we're dancing the whole time--but see major toning afterwards. Maybe it's the fact that all of our favorite new songs make it to the class playlist. Maybe it's the line up of chic products in the bathroom. Likely it's a combo of the 3. Basically modelFIT has a super fun and cool vibe with an infectious energy that is completely mirrored by founder, Vanessa Packer. Talk to Vanessa for 5 minutes and you'll see what we mean. She is a total sweetheart AND true girl boss, passionate about her company (which is heading in an exciting new direction this fall!) and the wellness industry as a whole. Keep reading to hear her story, modelFIT's inception and who's inspiring her:


Let's start at the beginning--what was your first job? Growing up I worked in restaurants which taught me so much about the importance of customer service and the essence of hospitality. I utilize the skills I learned working in restaurants everyday running modelFIT.

Tell us the trajectory of how you got from there to founding modelFIT. Wow - well for a long time I wanted to work in the music industry--and then fashion. I think working in a creative field has always appealed to me. Health, nutrition and fitness have always been passions of mine, and it became my path once I received my holistic nutrition degree from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I wanted modelFIT to be the intersection of mindful nutrition meets mindful exercise--because that’s where real lifestyle change happens -- in that balance.

Has your original idea for what you thought the company would be evolved or has it mostly remained the same? It’s definitely evolved. I hope to always evolve and grow but keep the essence--the core of what we’re about-- the same. I think that’s possible when you cultivate authenticity in your actions and in your business. The high level of service and experience we deliver to our clients is always a top priority - making sure they are happy and getting the best modelFIT experience possible.

Can you tell us a little about your thoughts on the relationship between health beauty and fitness? It’s all connected -- I truly believe that beauty comes from within. It begins with what you put into your body, and it extends to how you treat your body. Self care is very important to me and that can be as simple as drinking enough water and getting enough sleep to daily workout classes and monthly facials. Finding what’s right for you and treating yourself with love and respect is essential.

Can you tell us any of your beauty products, tips or secrets? Water - I drink a lot of it. I’m also big on exfoliation and face masks, so I’ll regularly work them into my skincare routine. My favorite products are Biologique - they smell kind of funky but they are honestly the best. Also, daily green juice and lots of raw fruits and vegetables keep my skin glowing year round. I think when you keep it simple, and just focus on the essentials, you tend to get the best results and they end of being the most sustainable long term. I’m not into trends when it comes to my beauty regime.

What's your workout philosophy and where are you working out these days? It’s like brushing my teeth! Movement is essential, and part of my daily experience, even if it’s a walk around the block. I do modelFIT classes most days but in the summer I love to run outside--and I’ll never turn down a rigorous hot yoga class.

The wellness industry has taken off so much in the last year--what are your thoughts on this attention and where the industry going? I think it’s incredible that people have turned their attention on wellness. It’s so amazing what’s available now! The variety of different ways in which you can feel better, eat better, workout smarter, care for yourself in truly healthy and authentic ways inspires me. I’m proud to be a part of the community that is making health and wellness more available and offering my own perspective on how to achieve a healthy high-vibe life.

Who is inspiring you in the space or in general? The work that sweetgreen is doing is incredible. They are leading a movement to change our food system for the better, and create healthy communities around wholesome food. They are educating and providing guidance on what the future of food should and will look like. Plus the salads are delicious, and the music is always on point.

What's the biggest advice that you have for people who are looking to own their own business? Love what you do and it’s never work. Living in the present has also really helped me, because all you have is each day to do your best. Some days are great, and some not so much, but always stay authentic to yourself and your mission. Knowing what your purpose is and what you’re after, offers an incredible guiding light for the path, but you still need to take each step to get there.

Biggest challenge thus far? Growth is challenging, and oftentimes when you start your own business it can become such a part of you that creating healthy separation can be difficult. Letting go and allowing people to help me along the journey, to be a part of the journey, has been an interesting adjustment, but I know in the long run it’s essential and ultimately very rewarding.

What's next for you and modelFIT? modelFIT Los Angeles! Get ready - Fall 2016 we’ll be opening our studio in West Hollywood. I can’t wait to share our method and studio with the west coast.

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Images via Healthy Celeb, Bandier + modelFIT's Instagram.