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Working Out Should Probably Be a Part of Your Dating Timeline

Here at HBFIT, we love collaborating with local brands to meet new people, share ideas, and even break a sweat. Today, we want to introduce you guys to Wolaco, a lifestyle brand for the modern male athlete. We've been having a great time sweating it out with the Wolaco guys, so we're excited to swap content with them today. We met up with Terry and John, who wrote this post for the HBFIT girls, and you can hop over to Wolaco.com to see which "girly" fitness classes we said guys should really be taking. Check them out on Instagram, too! hannah-bronfman-and-brendan-fallis It's hard to really get to know someone. No shit, right? But it's true, and it’s really true when it comes to dating. Especially when you're living and working in a city where there are tons of options and such little time for BS. Point is, investing in people who ultimately end up sucking is costly and time-consuming, along with a bunch of other undesirable things. Which means finding ways to cut through people’s crap isn't just advantageous, it's a necessary skill for dating consistently and happily in a city. Obviously there are lots of creative ways to achieve this. But at WOLACO, we’ve found that if you really want to get to know someone, you should work out with them. Better yet, take them to (or through) a really tough workout class. Wait, that sounds really aggressive for a date. Why is this a thing? Because it’s BS proof It's extremely challenging for someone to put up a front while breaking a sweat. Think about it. You simply cannot fake your way through a tough workout. And it’s damn near impossible for someone to embellish the complexities of their mediocre job or talk about the six-figure salary that they may or may not have when their legs are shaking and crushing fatigue sets in. More than that, sweating with someone allows you to break with the formalities of a standard, run-of-the-mill date. The bond you create with someone (and respect you have for them) while doing something physically tough together transcends any sort of intimate moment you’ll have at dinner or over a few overpriced drinks. While working out, you’re doing something actually productive together, you’re stepping up each other’s fitness game. Plus, it’s also fun, sexual, primal (in a good way), to sweat with someone you’re attracted to. hannah-bronfman-acro-700 You’ll know who they are when the tough gets going We’re not saying that grabbing a couple drinks at a nice bar is a bad first / second / third date. You'll probably learn a bunch of things. About where they grew up. About their siblings, their passions, the books they read, sports they played, their political leanings. All that early stage dating stuff people love to relay. But you won't find out who they are constitutionally. Not really. You won't know for sure, when it comes down to it (when faced with adversity), if this person is going to stay or flake. During a workout, true personality traits become magnified, so take notice. How do they respond when they get metaphorically punched in the mouth? Do they go down with a “tweaked hammy”? Do they take excessively long water breaks? Do they touch the line? Go all the way down on their push-ups? Do they cheat? Complain? Or do they go all out and continue to push themselves even when it gets painful and looks ugly? Are they fun, hard-working, sweaty, engaged? That’s the person you want on your team. Because how they respond to a tough workout can translate to how they’ll respond to real-life adversity. You’ll find (or rule out) a kickass teammate Does this person make you better during a workout? Do you feel supported and motivated? Or just disappointed and vaguely annoyed? Even if you’re on different fitness levels, you can appreciate hustle and recognize the hallmarks of a good teammate. screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-8-08-53-am All that being said, you probably shouldn’t do this as a first date None of this to say that you should bring some poor, unsuspecting soul to a Tone House class on your first date. In fact, it’s probably a bit much for date number one. But suggesting a workout for date number three or four? That’s fair game.
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