After a long day, nothing feels better than jumping into bed and falling fast asleep. But every once in awhile, we’re all guilty of skipping a few steps– whether it be washing off our makeup or drinking a glass of water. A nightly routine has a huge influence on how we start the next day and has actually been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, so we put together of 5 things that you should do every night to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Drink a glass or two of water. Hydrating before bed not only gives you a head start for the following morning, but also leaves your skin healthy and luminous.

Stretch. Unwind from your day by stretching your muscles and soothing your mind. This is also helpful if you have trouble falling asleep; relaxing muscles boosts relaxation and helps beat insomnia.

Wash + Moisturize. We can’t stress the importance of fully cleansing your face and using moisturizer before you hit the sack! While you’re asleep, a clean and hydrated face will help target specific issues like acne and dryness, so take this opportunity to treat your skin!

Turn off all electronics at least one hour before bed. This might be the hardest tip to follow--we know that the temptation to constantly scroll through Instagram or respond to emails is too real. Allowing your mind to unplug is so important to achieve optimal relaxation so switch the smartphone for a good book or magazine!

Make a daily list of 5 things you are thankful for. It is so important to end your day feeling optimistic, so take a couple minutes to jot down things that you are thankful for that day. By appreciating anything as small as the short line at your favorite juice bar or a promotion at work you allow yourself to put things in perspective.