This Coconut Brown Rice Pudding Recipe Shows That Healthy Food Can Still Be Yummy

This Coconut Brown Rice Pudding Recipe Shows That Healthy Food Can Still Be Yummy


What makes brown and white rice different? Whole grain brown rice vs. white rice is healthier, largely because of its high antioxidant, mineral, and fiber content. For starters, all white rice started out as brown rice — it becomes white after going through a refining process that removes the side hull and bran from the rice, which is rich in natural minerals.

One cup of brown rice provides 80% of our daily required amount of manganese, which is useful in treating some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and strengthening bones against osteoporosis, especially when paired with a healthy dose of calcium. Coconut milk benefits the body by supplying that calcium. One of the health benefits of coconut is its high calcium content, which rivals cow milk. In fact, depending on the brand, a cup of coconut milk even surpasses the calcium levels you’d get from a cup of cow milk.

With that in mind, why not try a new take on a classic, decadent dessert like rice pudding? By swapping white rice out for brown rice, and the dairy ingredients for coconut alternatives, you’ll have a delicious, indulgent, sweet treat that you can feel great about eating.


4 cups water

2 cups uncooked brown rice

3/4 tsp salt

2 cups soy milk or coconut milk (for a dairy alternative, you can use regular milk)

1 can condensed coconut milk (for a dairy alternative, you can use evaporated milk)

1/2 tsp almond extract

1 cup raw sugar

1 piece cinnamon stick, or cinnamon to taste


Start by salting the water and bringing it and the brown rice to a boil in a saucepan. Cover and reduce the heat to a low simmer, boiling until the liquid has been fully absorbed and evaporated, and the rice is tender. It should take just under an hour to cook, stirring at regular intervals.

Once the rice has been prepared, stir in the sugar and cinnamon, along with your liquid ingredients. Stirring frequently, set your rice pudding to simmer uncovered until the consistency is thick, sticky, and smooth — it should take just over an hour to finish cooking.

When your coconut brown rice pudding is all done, pop it into the fridge to let it sit until cool, then enjoy!