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Yesterday, I was catching up with some old girlfriends from Brazil. We were sharing stories on how we felt more grounded. We no longer wanted to just fly by the seats of our pants all the time. And while being spontaneous is still a part of our lives, we’ve figured out a balance. The things that make us happy now have structure and consistency. We find comfort in knowing what we like, what makes us feel good, and ultimately, what keeps us happy. Although we did recognize that these things are constantly changing and having the insight to realize that is most important, we also concluded that we no longer live like we’re invincible.

We aren’t machines. We cannot push through everything, stretch ourselves thin, or force it all. We conceded that there is pride in feeling like a robot, but there is no happiness. Our lives consist of a symphony of tempos that contribute to our individual rhythm. Something’s motivate us to go faster and harder, while others require us to be slow, meticulous, and thorough. It’s exploring our idiosyncrasies.

When you hit a fitness class or personal training session, I know it can be motivating to feel like a beast–to feel unstoppable. You put on your “beast mode” t-shirt and grunt your way through those reps. This can work but know that this is not how you have to be all the time. You’re only human and that’s not an excuse, that’s a gift.You’re not always going to finish strong but you’re always going to finish. The way to ensure that you cross that threshold is to create complexities in your approach-in your workout, your routine, at your job. Machines do things the same way forever, without a break. Don’t be that thing. You have options. You can run faster longer, slower shorter, uphill harder and downhill lighter. You’re dynamic and resilient, and that’s what makes you unstoppable. That’s what makes you more than a machine. Finding more than one way to improve yourself, inside and out.

Text & Images by Ally Love.

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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece