HBFIT: #WereWithHer

HBFIT: #WereWithHer

Here at HBFIT #WereWithHer for many reasons. Each one of us has our own compelling opinions, but at the end of the day we know Hillary to be the far more experienced candidate who will take care of the things important to us. Interested in why we're voting for #Hillz? Read below...

Hannah Bronfman, Founder: hannah-bronfman-nasty-woman

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because it is my right as a woman in this country. Inspiring women have fought throughout history for our right to vote, so by registering to vote, we're paying tribute to their passionate endeavors. Hillary is by far the best candidate. She is the voice for American women and she stands for a country of equality and peace. I want all of you to get out there and vote today because an absent vote is a vote for Trump. It's our right to vote, so let's make our voices heard today.

Olivia Kirby, Director of Strategy:

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The first presidential election I could vote in was Obama's awe-inspiring and unprecedented 2008 campaign. The passion and electricity felt among young voters was tangible and it was a time I will remember forever. That said, this election cycle has been drastically and disappointingly different. I've been a Hillary fan since she was First Lady and have always known she had the potential to be way, way more. She is brilliant, qualified, intense, and doesn't back down. I think it's unfortunate these qualities give her a bad rap as a woman and have hindered her success this campaign. As a big supporter of women's rights and equality there was no question who I would be voting for. And there is the blaring fact of how much more qualified she is than her opponent.

#ImWithHer because Hillary is smart. At the end of the day she understands the things I am looking for from our leadership and I am confident she will get them done.

Lauryn Goldberg, Freelance Contributor:

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Bernie has his bros and Trump has his rallies, Hillary has more, well, silent supporters. I am in no way a shy person, but two weeks ago when a stranger on the subway asked me and a group of my co-workers who were voting for I wanted to melt into a puddle and disappear. The intensity of this election is palpable. There are very large differences between these candidates, and no matter how many podcasts I listen to giving me all sides of the story I cannot shake the feeling that the political climate right now is critical.

Which is why I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is not the perfect candidate, but I am voting for her because she is the most qualified. She has had a robust political career. She has thoughtful policies she hopes to champion during her presidency. And she has a unique strength as a female leader - her ability to listen. Hillary is known for meeting with citizens and community leaders to hear them, develop relationships with them, and learn from them. After after listening and learning, then creating actual legislation. Listening allows her ideas and opinions to evolve and change as opposed to getting stuck. The ability hear the stories of others, to listen to then, and to empathize with them is a powerful skill. Listening can lead to resolution, the way that hope lead to change. In an election where voters feel alienated and unheard by government officials it sounds we can benefit by having someone who knows how to listen.

Rebecca Muller, Editorial Assistant: rebecca-muller-imwithher

This is the first election I'm voting in, and I couldn't be more proud to vote for Hillary Clinton. I'm voting for Hillary for many reasons, such as her commitment to women's reproductive health and rights, her plans to stop gun violence, her fight for equal pay, her commitment to end racism, environmental injustices, and several other issues our country faces on a daily basis. Hillary's devotion to the American people is genuine and unwavering, and her lifetime of experience speaks to that. I think it's time our country sees a strong woman as president, and that's why #ImWithHer.