Wavy Candle

Wavy Candle


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Who said cozy season can't be every season? Introducing: HBFIT Candles. Our newest product launch to give your space the coziest vibe, no matter what your mood. Set the tone with our three scents: Shroomi, Wavy, and Milky, each creating a different mood and perfect for different rooms throughout your space. Get cozy, get the mood right, and set the tone with HBFIT candles.

With scents of sea minerals and citrus, we love lighting this candle to awaken our senses and set a fresh, bright tone for the day, or to set a neutral, clean tone for having guests over.

Hand-poured with love in the United States.

P.S. Don't throw that top wax cover away! Plant the cover in soil, water, and watch it grow into wildflowers 🌼

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