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HBFIT Muslin Cloths - 3 pack

HBFIT Muslin Cloths - 3 pack

  1. Prep face with your cleanser of choice. 
  2. Soak muslin cloth in warm water and squeeze out excess water.
  3. Using small circular motions over the face gently remove the cleanser.
  4. Rinse out your cloth and then pat your face dry with a cotton round.
  5. Use the three muslin cloths in rotation. Wash after every 2-3 uses.
How to use
Hannah Bronfman Tips & Tricks

Damp the cloth and use it with a balm cleanser to remove all of your makeup. Following this, use an oil or gel cleanser of your choice to double cleanse your skin. This will be a game changer for your skincare routine!

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